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Here you may find answers to the frequently asked questions
Which cryptocurrencies are supported at Coin Coupon?
At current moment only Bitcoin. Additional crypto currencies will come soon.
Which payment method can I use?
At current moment the bank transfer is the only available payment method. Additional payment methods will come soon.
How can I register an account?
Press the “Log In” button
Enter your valid email address;
Press “Continue” and check your email.
You will receive email with login and password.
How can I buy and redeem coupon to cryptocurrency?
To buy coupon, you need to: Press the “Buy now” button on the homepage;
Choose the currency for exchanging and enter the amount;
We will send you an email with all details for payment;
You have to pay from your bank account;
Once you send us the funds and receive the coupon code via email, you have to click on "redeem" button. Enter the coupon code and the bitcoin wallet where cryptocurrency should be send. Once your transaction receives the required number of blockchain confirmations, the amount of purchased crypto will be sent to provided wallet address accordingly.
A full list of your transactions can be found in: “my account => my coupons” tab.
How long it takes to send crypto currency to the wallet once coupon is redeemed?
Once you redeem valid coupon code and provide correct crypto wallet, we will initiate the transfer of crypto currency within 24h. Once transaction is initiated, it would need to get blockchain confirmations before being credited to your account is this process might take from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on how busy is the blockchain network.
I have not received the coupon code?
Please check your Spam folder as our email could have gone there.
I have not received crypto currency yet?
Please note that before crypto currency is credited to your wallet, it needs to receive all required confirmation in blockchain network and this process can take from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on how busy is the blockchain network.
What are the fees for using your service?
The exchange rate that appears at the moment of coupon redemption is updated every 15 seconds and represents the real-time price. There are two fees that you will have to pay which is our Service Fee of 5% and withdrawal fee which is paid to execute the transaction to blockchain network.
What are the current limits?
At current moment, daily transaction is limited to 250 EUR/230 GBP per user. Monthly limits are 1700 EUR/1500 GBP. In the nearest future we are planning to increase the limits.
I am unable to redeem the coupon
Please ensure that you are trying to redeem valid coupon which wasn’t redeemed earlier and there is no typo error. In addition, please try to use alternative internet browser and if you continue to experience issues, please contact us via: [email protected]
Can you consider Coin Coupon as a bitcoin gift card?
Coin Coupon represents the according monetary value and can be considered as a gift coupon which can be redeemed into Bitcoin.
What is a cryptocurrency wallet address?
A Bitcoin address, or simply wallet, is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters. Each currency has a different wallet address. You can use any of these addresses for transfers, as long as it is the correct address type for the cryptocurrency you wish to use.
Where can I get a cryptocurrency wallet?
You can download crypto wallets from the official websites of the major cryptocurrencies. Besides, you can use multi currency crypto wallets for your convenience.